APN 2008 Call for Proposals – Research in Global Change

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Sumber: http://www.apn-gcr.org/en/callforproposals.html

APN 2008 Call for Proposals

Deadline: 15 August 2008
The Calls for Proposals
The APN is inviting proposals under two separate programmes, the ARCP Programme and the CAPaBLE Programme, for funding from April 2009, and is able to provide a limited amount of financial support for research and capacity development activities that fall within its areas of interest.
About APN Changes in the Earth system are clearly impacting the societies and economies of the countries within the Asia-Pacific region. These countries support more than half of the world’s population. Recent research and supporting observations have provided new insights into some of these changes and their impacts but have, at the same time, opened a number of new and challenging scientific issues.
The Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN) is an inter-governmental network whose mission is to enable investigation of change in the Earth’s life support systems as it occurs in the Asia-Pacific region to: 1. Identify, explain and predict changes in the context of both natural and anthropogenic (human-induced) forcing; 2. Assess potential regional and global vulnerability of natural and human systems; and 3. Contribute, from the science perspective, to the development of policy options for appropriate responses to global change that will also contribute to sustainable development.

The core strategies of the APN are to: 1. Encourage and promote research that has the potential, in addition to improving understanding of global change and its implications in the region, to contribute to the establishment of a sound scientific basis for policy-making with regard to issues for which global change is an important factor; and 2. Identify, in consultation with policy-makers and practitioners, the present and future needs for such research.
The APN defines Global Change Research as “research regarding global change (the set of natural and human-induced changes in the Earth’s physical and biological systems that, when aggregated, are significant at a global scale) and its implications for sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region.”
The APN supports activities that generate and transfer knowledge on the physical and human dimensions of global change in 5 main themes under its Science Agenda of Climate; Ecosystems, Biodiversity and land Use; Changes in Atmospheric, Terrestrial and Marine Domains; Use of Resources and Pathways for Sustainable Development; Cross-Cutting and Science-Policy Linkages.


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